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The linamh Overlay

You can add the linamh overlay to your system using the great layman util.

First you have to merge Layman

# emerge layman

Second you have to add this overlay to the list of known overlays.

overlays :

Third you have to activate the overlay

# layman -a linamh

now you can use some programms admin related.

rEFIt the EFI Boot Menu Toolkit and Gentoo

November 13th, 2010

Installing rEFIt on a non Mac system was always a litle hard.
Debian derived distributins already had the rEFIt as a package to install.
rEFIt is a nice bootlaoder for all efi/uefi based boards (like my hp 6930p)
the ebuild for this nice bootmanager is located in my linamh overlay

Simply emerge -av sys-boot/refit

This ebuild depends on that your efi partition is mountet under /boot/efi

Pdfsam 2.1.0

December 27th, 2009

Pdfsam 2.1.0e now adds a new feature to modify the PDF document information.
it also adds the possibility to rotate the pdf.

as usual to find in my overlay

it still has a small bug that the thumbnail generator for the visual plugins sometimes crashes.
I am working on getting the other render added to the source packages so you can chose witch on to use.


May 19th, 2009

Every time I was ask why do the gentoo-sources don’t include this feature, I have to describe that it is meant as a minimalistic kernel that should fit all users. Afterward the discussion starts how to integrate all the needed features into the gentoo-sources. I got tired always describing the process that is needed to get the required patches into there kernel tree. So I started creating my own patchset that includes all the requested features:

  • tuxonice-3.0.1 - TuxOnIce for Linux
  • acpi-dsdt-initrd-v0.9c - append correct dsdt to the initrd
  • linux-execshield - a required patch for some binary only software
  • cloneconfig - type make cloneconfig and the config of the running kernel will be used to config the new one
  • colored-printk - BSD has it why not also linux (yes i really got asked for that kind of patch !)
  • x86-tune-generic - tune kernel for new systems
  • hz-432-option - the better choose for dualcore systems
  • hz-864-option - the better choose for singlecore systems
  • enable-4k-stacks-default - yes i am cracy
  • defaults-fat-utf8 - yes really
  • reiser4 - test new filesystem
  • unionfs-2.5.1 - required for my work fai for gentoo
  • tux3 - test new filesystem
  • drm-modesetting-radeon - test the new server
  • lirc - the upstream modules directly added to the kernel build
  • atop - what should I say
  • toshiba_acpi - one of my old laptops
  • thinkpad-acpi-0.23 - one of my old laptops
  • phc-intel-0.3.2 - save power
  • phc-k8-0.0.92 - save power

You can find the sys-kernel/geos_one-sources in my linamh overlay

Fedora DirSrv 1.1.1

September 2nd, 2008

The Fedora Directory Server in the linamh overlay is now in a useable state.
As usualy there are still some small bugs :>.

Also the Admin server is now working B).

The idm Console framework is also usable :).

so happy testing &#59;)

PdfSam 1.4.1e

September 2nd, 2008
PdfSam 1.4.1e

PdfSam 1.4.1e has hit the overlay :)

The config file bug has been removed.

as you can see it runs no without any errors.