VMware Server 1.0.10 and linux kernel 3.3.1

December 5th, 2010

This is the first public release of a VMware Server 1.0.10 patch set for linux 3.3.0 (yes you read right 3.3.0)
It also don’t require the init_mm kernel patch.
The Gentoo users that used my overlay go-vmware already used this patch set.
This will also give all non Gentoo users the possibilty to use this patch set:

To apply the patches you need to have the original vmmon.tar and vmnet.tar (i am not publishing prepackaged module sources)

now just run the downloaded script it will automatically patch the original tars

# sh vmware_server_1_0_10_203137-3.3.0_fix.sh

here is it:

Info: This pathset requires the original vmmon.tar vmnet.tar from the vmware server 1.0.10 package!

Update: Updated patchset to 2.6.38
Update: Updated patchset to 3.1.0
Update: Updated patchset to 3.3.0

rEFIt the EFI Boot Menu Toolkit and Gentoo

November 13th, 2010

Installing rEFIt on a non Mac system was always a litle hard.
Debian derived distributins already had the rEFIt as a package to install.
rEFIt is a nice bootlaoder for all efi/uefi based boards (like my hp 6930p)
the ebuild for this nice bootmanager is located in my linamh overlay

Simply emerge -av sys-boot/refit

This ebuild depends on that your efi partition is mountet under /boot/efi

Pdfsam 2.1.0

December 27th, 2009

Pdfsam 2.1.0e now adds a new feature to modify the PDF document information.
it also adds the possibility to rotate the pdf.

as usual to find in my overlay

it still has a small bug that the thumbnail generator for the visual plugins sometimes crashes.
I am working on getting the other render added to the source packages so you can chose witch on to use.


May 19th, 2009

Every time I was ask why do the gentoo-sources don’t include this feature, I have to describe that it is meant as a minimalistic kernel that should fit all users. Afterward the discussion starts how to integrate all the needed features into the gentoo-sources. I got tired always describing the process that is needed to get the required patches into there kernel tree. So I started creating my own patchset that includes all the requested features:

  • tuxonice-3.0.1 - TuxOnIce for Linux
  • acpi-dsdt-initrd-v0.9c - append correct dsdt to the initrd
  • linux-execshield - a required patch for some binary only software
  • cloneconfig - type make cloneconfig and the config of the running kernel will be used to config the new one
  • colored-printk - BSD has it why not also linux (yes i really got asked for that kind of patch !)
  • x86-tune-generic - tune kernel for new systems
  • hz-432-option - the better choose for dualcore systems
  • hz-864-option - the better choose for singlecore systems
  • enable-4k-stacks-default - yes i am cracy
  • defaults-fat-utf8 - yes really
  • reiser4 - test new filesystem
  • unionfs-2.5.1 - required for my work fai for gentoo
  • tux3 - test new filesystem
  • drm-modesetting-radeon - test the new X.org server
  • lirc - the upstream modules directly added to the kernel build
  • atop - what should I say
  • toshiba_acpi - one of my old laptops
  • thinkpad-acpi-0.23 - one of my old laptops
  • phc-intel-0.3.2 - save power
  • phc-k8-0.0.92 - save power

You can find the sys-kernel/geos_one-sources in my linamh overlay

Fedora DirSrv 1.1.1

September 2nd, 2008

The Fedora Directory Server in the linamh overlay is now in a useable state.
As usualy there are still some small bugs :>.

Also the Admin server is now working B).

The idm Console framework is also usable :).

so happy testing &#59;)